Enter a new era
of Employee Benefits

We are a team of seasoned insurance experts devoted to supporting businesses transition to a new era of managing group insurance.  


Enter a new era
of Employee Benefits.


We are a team of seasoned insurance experts devoted to supporting businesses transition to a new era of managing group insurance. 


Think Different About Your Benefits Plan 

There is a better way for businesses to manage benefits plans that are not readily available through traditional channels.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

Most organizations do not have the size nor scope to build programs that provide the cost savings and stability that only large corporations can afford. 

Attract and Retain Top Talent 

Being part of something much larger, there becomes an ability to remain on the cutting edge of the current industry trends and offer the benefits that top talent expects. 


 Our long-tenured team relies on knowledge and logic to serve our clients with excellence. We are dedicated to empowering businesses with access to the most efficient and modern Employee Benefits plans. While Employee Benefits coverages play an integral role in attracting and retaining employees, the actual structure upon which plans are administered is often overlooked. Our commitment lies in the delivery of tailored plans that meet the unique needs of our clients but, more importantly, in offering value through the most optimal design.

There is a better way to manage your Employee Benefits 

Most businesses do not have the resources to negotiate an employee benefits plan in the same manner as large corporations with thousands of employees. In most cases, there is a lack of size and a minimal capacity to take on risk. This creates volatile insurance plans and an inability to access the most innovative design and lowest costs typically only available to large entities.



The Canadian landscape for insurance is rooted in traditions which often hinder creativity and innovation. We believe that creativity is the essence of what provides an ongoing evolution of increasing value to our clients.


We believe that most businesses are not provided with the necessary details to make informed decisions. Open and transparent discussion puts our clients in the best possible position to make educated decisions concerning their costs and the welfare of their employees.


We carefully audit every benefit plan to ensure that our clients are paying the lowest expenses while maximizing value.


We seek to exemplify a culture of excellence and a continued striving to provide substantiated value to our clients. We believe in respect and a responsibility to provide our businesses with impeccable service. This is something that every business deserves and should expect. We believe in doing what is right for our client.